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Exploring, Harnessing Navigating the Future.

The post COVID-19 world: How changes in Geopolitics, Economics, Technology and Society will bring about a new era.

The impact of the SARS CoV 2 virus will be a catalyst that will lead to fundamental changes in how we view our contemporary world.


The exploration of the future will investigate the impact of changing demographics, geopolitics, social frameworks and monetary models. The effect of COVID 19 will hasten a number of these trends while delaying the advent of others. The Bretton Woods geopolitical order, quantitative easing, internationalisation, fiat backed money supply and redefined military and trade blocks are but a few examples that will face unprecedented change. The exploration of various scenarios will be critical in preparing for an increasingly uncertain future.


A paradigm shift is upon us. Organisations will have to adapt their strategies to harness the emerging opportunities that continue to unfold. Rigid consumer patterns usually hamper the adoption of innovation. The impact of COVID 19 will be profound as established user patterns are in flux, which is the ideal opportunity for new business models to emerge. Agile organisations would be able to benefit hugely from phase change.


Managing agility means that organisations need to embrace the ontology of Complex Adaptive Systems during times of uncertainty. It is not the ability to predict the future, but rather the ability to create attractors via seeding and sense making patterns that will lead to a higher degree of success.

The Headlines from the Future presentation will take you on a journey into this uncertain, yet fascinating future, providing you with a more in depth view of the forces that will shape our world. The presentation also offers unique insights into the opportunities that the future holds, as well as guidelines into managing a world that is becoming increasingly unpredictable.


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