South African economy currently is in a severe state of distress due to COVID-19 with historically low business confidence and high unemployment rates. Overall 2020 GDP is expected to contract by 8-13% and is expected to hit the small businesses more severely.

In the context, technological innovation can play an important role in a country's socio-economic development. South Africa ranks 60th globally on innovation index and could benefit immensely through the ripple effect of technology in competency development, jobs creation, skills development, poverty alleviation etc. Furthermore, mobile led technological innovation could be crucial due to its far-flung reach, deep penetration and broad solutions range.

This webinar focuses on unpacking the opportunities and challenges of technological innovation and explores its role as a pivot for South African businesses. The Webinar will also present a platform for discussion with panellists on how mobile led tech-innovation could pave the way for South Africa's economic recovery


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